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24 hr short in 1 minute 50 seconds

Still annoyed at color differences from hdmi out to .mov to vimeo .mp4 to playback with "Standard" setting. It doesn't matter how much calibration is used. Every monitor looks different.

Meaning, this looks a bit less saturated than the way it was graded to look on the "calibrated" monitor. At least when played back in either the "Standard" or the "Movie" settings on an older Dell monitor.

Not that anybody cares...


pond in "the forest" pt. 2

Several weeks later, it appears as if winter has indeed loosened its grip.

Tech note: this photo comes from a 25 year old Nikon 24mm lens on a Canon 7D body. The Nikon glass, with an adaptor, is a lot less expensive than current models of Canon lenses. But this was purchased primarily for use as a video device, an example being the previous entry.



pond grassA beautiful gray day - a fabulous walk in the woods


still in winter's grip

pond in "the forest"


another decade

click 'er for biggerAt last there is some thaw from the past few weeks of freezing temps. Enough that the ice on the Loftlands pond has mostly disappeared. A gorgeous gray day reveals the intensity of the colors of the landscape.

This may be the first image out of the 7d that I'd like to see printed on paper, but instead I'm using it as a sketchpad for what else it might be: yesterday I took the Linhof out and used film to record the same location. Although another day of warmer temperatures has melted the ice almost completely. And of course the light was quite different, so it's hardly the same photograph. This is good enough for now.