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Adrenaline Film Project 2011

For those who don't know about the Adrenaline Project at the Virginia Film Festival, watch this short. We documented this year's entrants and got our film into the running.

A lot of coffee - a lot of lost sleep.

An impressive effort from Brian Wimer, who edited this film, shot material about several of the participating groups, and wrote the script for the audience award winning Attack of the Trailer. I followed three teams during their shooting, and spent some time in the Digital Media Lab in Clemons Library at the University of Virginia where all the teams gathered Friday night/Saturday morning, til 5pm Saturday, for their editing.


in pre production

Looks like we've got a script and at least one of two actors. Here are some possible locations not too far from home, not close enough. I'm sorely tempted to make it so that we could shoot the entire project in the back yard.

Sorry to be so typically vague, but at least I know what I mean. At least, I think I do.

More as we progress towards the first fictional piece I've worked on in...24 years. Too long, that's for certain. No details other than a tentative schedule of early July.